PM-1  Foundations of Project Management

The objective of the course is to teach participants how to approach project management and understand all the essential concepts from both a theoretical and applied perspective.  It draws topics extensively from the following three knowledge modules:

    •  Project Management Principles
    •  Project Phases and Processes
    •  Project Planning and Integration 

The course also draws upon lecture topics from several personal and organizational modules such as the Ethics and Professionalism, Project Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, and Opportunity and Risk Management.

PM-2 Project Communications 

This course provides participants with comprehensive projectcommunications and stakeholder-engagement knowledge and skills. They will master theoretical and applied skills drawn extensively from the Plan, Distribute, and Manage Project Communications.

Topics associated with the following knowledge modules  are  also drawn:

  •   Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders
  •   Project Organization and Context
  •   Virtual Project Management 

The course might also draw topics from the Virtual Project Management and Managing Global Projects KMs. 

Project Management Training for Specialized Needs

(A two or one day(s) courses, seminars or workshops):

  •   Project Scope Management
  •   Project Time Management
  •   Project Communications and Stakeholder Management
  •  Project Risk Management
  •   Negotiation Skills for Project Managers 
  •   Project Procurement Management
  •   Earned Value Management 

PM-3 Advanced Project Management

This course builds on the foundation of PM-1 by introducing coverage of advanced topics in project scheduling, risk and quality management, and cost control as well as providing comprehensive knowledge of scheduling and other PM tools. It also introduces the topic of delivering complex projects.

 It draws topics from the following knowledge modules:

   •   Project Resource Management
   •   Project Scheduling
   •   Project Control
   •   Opportunity and Risk Management 

This course can also draw lecture topics from the following knowledge modules: PM Information Systems and Information Management, Estimating Costs, Plan and Control Quality, and Project Control. 

PM-4 Leadership in Teams 

The use of teams has increased in organizations, but in project management they are an important component. The project leader has to forge a team and ensure that it functions as a cohesive unit to achieve goals and objectives under preset project constraints.  The objective of this course is to prepare participants for the professional work environment they will encounter upon graduation. It will prepare them for PM careers as productive project team members and eventually skilled project leaders and managers.

  This course draws extensively from the following Kms:

   •  Project Team Building and Motivating
   •  Project Leadership

Additionally this course may also draw topics from: Plan, Distribute, and Manage Project Communications, Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders, Virtual Project Management, Project Organization and Context, and Leaderships in projects.