Oracle Database 12c Introduction (Course)

To efficiently handle today's business -critical information, organizations need database systems that are reliable and scalable, as well as experienced professionals to manage them. In this training course, you gain the skills to unleash the power and flexibility of Oracle Database 12c, while gaining a solid foundation of database concepts, SQL, and PL/SQL, so you can develop robust databases.

Oracle Database 12c Administration (Course)

Databases represent the core of an organization’s informational infrastructure. In this Oracle administration training course, you l earn the fundamental knowledge and skills to configure and s support Oracle 12c databases, maintain your organization’s  data, and ensure the availability of your data by deploying backup, recovery, and flashback operations.

Oracle Database 12c Backup, Recovery and Server Tuning (Course)

Continuous and efficient operation of databases is a critical requirement of any successful organization. In this training course, you take a deep dive into the necessary tasks to maximize the availability of Oracle 12c data, and gain the skills to tune the server using both manual and automated techniques, as well as providing disaster recovery for Oracle 12c databases. 

Relational Database Design, Tools and Techniques (Course)

Relational databases often drive the company-critical and web-enabled applications essential for achieving success in a highly competitive market. This training course is designed to deliver the groundwork for building and working with relational databases — including Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL — and enabling you to develop and use relational databases in your environment.

SQL Programming Language Introduction (Course)

The ability to write the SQL language — the cornerstone of all relational database operations — is essential for anyone who develops database applications. In this training course, you l earn how to optimize the accessibility and maintenance of data with the SQL programming language, and gain a solid foundation for building, querying, and manipulating databases.