Aims and Objectives:

The MITC aims to:

1)  Focus on active English Language learning,

through the use of “authentic” materials.

2) Develop individuals Basic English Vocabulary

and Grammatical Structures, to successfully communicate.

3) Develop literary and analytical skills,

enabling a smooth transition to higher levels of study.

4) Enable individuals to speak with confidence on topics

related to their business and work in general.

5) Provide individuals with the skills and techniques to speak and

write Standard English for specific work - related fields.

6) Provide qualified personnel in English, to deliver effective

programs to individuals.

7) To develop individual and corporate confidences in the English Language. 


English for the past decade has grown into the primary language for

international communication. Companies and individuals today find that their primary

source of competitive advantage lies in the knowledge they possess.

The MITC will focus on developing a range of communicative language competencies

, in order for individuals to be able to perform their job-related tasks

efficiently. The Intensive English programme consists of English instruction at six

proficiency levels. The first four levels provide remedial work, instruction and practice

in Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Academic Writing Essentials, Practice

and Presentation Skills. The last two levels will provide students with Dissertation,

Thesis and Essay Writing support.

Purpose of the Program:

  • The programme will provide individuals with English Language
  • courses at three levels; Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Allowing students, the opportunity to study at each level; but in
  • an orderly fashion. I.E. Foundation, etc.
  • It will focus on a range of language skills, enabling individuals
  • to use the language flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes.
  • It will build up confidences and provide individuals with the language
  • resources, which will enable them to actively participate in their
  • perspective job fields and professions.

 Course Assessment:

Students will be assessed on the following:

1. Oral Presentations

2. Speaking activities, such as interview and role play

3. Reading Projects

4. Assignment Work

5. Participation

6. Multimedia Work        

7.Assessment Tests

 Flexible for Professional Staff/Employees/Individuals

. Level of Intensive English Courses: - 6 Levels

  • - Foundation English 1
  • - Foundation English 2
  • - Intermediate English 1
  • - Intermediate English 2
  • - Advanced English 1
  • - Advance English 2

At each level of study, students will develop listening, speaking,

reading and writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to

study one or all the three levels. Students will be examined at

each level and will be provided with the appropriate

accreditation for each level/s, when they have met the criteria.