Assess, learn, reinforce, support and validate.

The MITC approach to training is this: Make the most advanced and up-to-date courses, materials and instruction even more advanced by tailoring and aligning them to the specific learning styles, needs and environments of the people and businesses who invest in them.

So we combine industry-leading learning content with ways to deliver that content that work for any work environment. And we accomplish that by getting to know the businesses we serve and tying our learning solutions to real business objectives.


Determine individual skills and business goals and then match the course content and learning method to your organization’s goals. Make the most of your training investment by identifying knowledge gaps and focusing on the most relevant courses to fill those gaps.


Some training providers offer classroom learning, some eLearning. MITC has become the independent IT training provider by delivering online and offline learning methods, as well as variations within those methods.


Even the best course content in the world needs to be reinforced throughout the course session and long after class is over. MITC integrates a wealth of learning resources into the training process to keep the learning fluid and increase retention.

Learning support go a long way to reinforce your training. But MITC goes beyond that with resources that make our reinforcement tools more effective.


This include and not limited to:

Assessment: As a participant, you can measure your acquired and retained knowledge by using our exam preparation tools.

Post-class survey: MITC distributes surveys 60 days after training to see how the skills participants learned translate to better job performance. We also gauge participant satisfaction with the overall learning experience and use the feedback to continuously improve training and services.

Course evaluations: To ensure the industry-leading quality of MITC training, facilities and course content, traditional Instructor-Led Training and Online LIVE participants regularly evaluate our instructors and courses.