Course Description

Provides instruction and practice in the writing process, emphasizing development of fluency in writing, as well as competence in structural and grammatical patterns of written English. Lecture10 hours per week.

General Course Purpose

To give intermediate participants an opportunity to practice and refine writing skills in the context of the paragraph and other longer pieces of writing with a focus on increasing fluency and accuracy. 


Course Objectives

Goal 1 - Participants will be able to write well-organized and developed paragraphs or longer pieces of writing.

Goal 2 - Participants will be able to use simple, compound, and complex sentence patterns in their writing.

Goal 3 - Participants will build fluency and accuracy in writing.

Major Topics to be Included

A. Emphasis on composition skills to include 

1. Pre-writing skills

2. Drafting

3. Revising 

4. Editing 

5. Focusing, organizing, and developing main idea sentences

B. Grammar 

1. Verb forms, including modals, base forms, infinitives, and gerunds

2. Basic verb tenses and auxiliaries

3. Word order, including punctuation, use of articles, and passive voice

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