Structuring your report

  • Structuring for success
  • Titles, sub-headings and numbering systems
  • Templates for reports Writing style and language
  • Getting the right style and tone
  • Using plain English
  • Getting rid of jargon
  • Revising your report
  • Editing

Design and layout

  • Dealing with technical or specialist information
  • Graphics, illustrations and photos
  • Case studies
  • Giving and receiving feedback 

 Effective Report Writing

Course description:

High quality reports often form the basis of sound decision making within

an organization and being known as someone who can express information in a clear,

unbiased way can do a lot for your reputation at work. Report writing is a skill that can be learned.

Our Report writing skills course takes you through every stage from planning and structuring

through to writing and presenting, and by the end of the course

you will be a much more confident report writer.

Course outline:

This Report writing skills course looks at the different kinds of reports and

what is needed to produce them. Over the course, you will learn:

Planning your report

  • The different types of reports and what they are used for
  • Getting a good brief
  • Deadlines and their implications
  • Research skills
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